SynGas Boiler Tubes

Seamless Clad Boiler Tubes

Manufactured through the dual processes of co-extrusion or spin casting, CLADMAX seamless clad boiler tubes cover a range of environments and industries and serve a variety of applications.  Record breaking shear bond strength reduces de-lamination, allows easier bending and resists vibration related stresses and thermal cycling.

Syngas Boiler Tubes

  • Grade T12-800 ally for coal gasification boilers.
  • SA210/304L for pulp & paper boilers.
  • SA210/825 for waste recovery boilers.
  • Multiple custom designed grade combinations available.


  • Exceptional bonding strength.
  • Precise tolerance control.
  • Extended lengths of up to 20+ meters per tube reducing tube to tube welding.
  • Cost effective pricing programs.
  • Expedited delivery guarantees.
  • Low minimum tonnages per size for development and R&D programs.
  • Full quality certification and references.