CRA Clad Lines

Corrosion Resistant Clad Lines

CLADMAX CRA line pipe is available in multiple grade combinations and sizes depending on the customer application.  Our CRA line pipe product begins as an “as cast” hollow which is then hot extruded, hot pilgered or cold formed into the desired configuration.  Specific weld procedures are supplied with each order for proper joining of the pipes.  Small tonnage production runs, short lead times and economic pricing make CLADMAX CRA Lines your best choice for high corrosion environments at a competitive cost. When CLADMAX may be too sophisticated solution to your anti-corrosion line pipe needs, Emerald Metals markets a “lower performance + lower cost”mechanical CRA lined clad pipe option. Contact your Emerald Metals representatives for details.

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Hot Extruded Size Chart

Investigation Report Clad 825

“Small Pipe” with CLAD Alloy 825 Inside

Sample Welding Procedure

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Sample Welding Process

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