CladMaxTM Wear Resistant Tube


CLADMAX wear resistant pipe is a unique approach to resolving issue of high abrasive use in mining, tailings transport and fly ash applications.  With a variety of inlays available depending on the application requirements, wear CLADMAX is a solution to long term field use in high abrasive environments.  Our CLADMAX CR26 product is a “Chrome White Iron” inlay material cast into place with an outer shell of 304 micro-alloyed steel for superior physical properties in a frigid artic environment.  The two distinct metals have a full metallurgical bond, allowing for easy NDT inspection in the field.  This CR26 product provides virtually identical properties to the well-established “Chrome Carbide Weld Overlay” material now in widespread use in the Oil Sands in northern Alberta.  The unique difference is CR26 can be applied in thicknesses of up to 38mm provided greatly extended field life.  This unique property will reduce overall material cost, severely limit exposure of crews in the field to safety situations, reduce replacement and turning costs and provide an overall savings of considerable cost and manpower.