CladMaxTM Tube Cladding and Protection

Why Choose CladMax™?

Two very different steel grades into one effective solution.

Severe environments require creative solutions.  When there is a conflict between high levels of corrosion and a need for high strength tube, what are the options?  When extreme wear resistance is needed in a frigid artic environment that requires high impact strength, what material will work?  The answer is not one material, but two. The CLADMAX line of products combines two very different materials into one solution to manage difficult environments.  With pre-materials produced through the spin cast method, differing steel grades are joined at the metallurgical level to form one unique matrix with very different capabilities for the outer shell and inner inlay surfaces.  Sequential pouring combines high strength or high impact steels with anti-corrosive or anti wear materials to provide the properties necessary to get the job done every time.  The complete metallurgical bond of CLADMAX products provides added advantages in ease of NDT inspections in the field and allows for full use of the products performance life rather than forcing “planned replacement” that can see useful product lost. Contact your EM sales professional for assistance in selection of a unique product that will do the job for you.