Corrosion Resistant Alloys and 13 Chrome Tubing

IMG_0172Emerald Metals supplies 13 Chrome tubing manufactured by XinXing Ductile Iron Pipe Co., Ltd. in Handan, China. 13 Chrome as a material grade is well proven as the most effective material grade for use in wells with CO2 corrosion (sweet corrosion). 13 Chrome tubing has been used successfully in the oil patch for over 30 years. From XinXing, Emerald Metals can provide API 5CT L80 13 chrome as well as the popular 85 and 95 yield 13 chrome. For wells with CO2 corrosion and also a small amount of H2S, the enhanced metallurgy with ultra low carbon and 4 or 5 nickel and 1 or 2 moly content manufactured to the standards of API 5CRA are also available. Should you need 13 chrome pipe with a heavy upset that can be threaded into the popular two step connections, Emerald Metals can supply that as well.

Emerald Metals with the mill XinXing Special Steel Pipes Co., Ltd., can provide duplex and nickel grade OCTG for use in harsh well environments such as those with H2S, C02 and chlorides. Material grades include:


Duplex and Stainless Grade 2205 Grade 2507

Grade UNS Designation Bar Tube Min OD Max OD
17.4 UNS S17400 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
304L UNS S30400 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
316L UNS S31600 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
410 UNS S41000 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
420M UNS S42000 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
431 ASTM A276 Yes No 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
450 UNS S45000 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
2205 UNS S32205 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″
2507 UNS S32750 Yes Yes 2-3/8″ 9-5/8″


Nickel and High Alloy CRA Alloy 28 Grade 825 Grade 2550 Grade C276

Grade UNS Designation Bar Tube Min OD Max OD
Alloy 20 UNS N08020 Yes Yes 1″ 24″
276 UNS N10276 Yes Yes 1″ 6″
400 UNS N04400 Yes Yes 1″ 20″
500 UNS N05500 Yes Yes 1″ 10″
660 UNS S66286 Yes Yes 1″ 10″
625 UNS N06625 Yes Yes 1″ 8″
718 UNS N07718 Yes No 1″ 20″
725 UNS N07725 Yes Yes 1″ 10″
800 UNS N08800 Yes Yes 1″ 24″
825 UNS N08825 Yes Yes 1″ 30″
925 UNS N09925 Yes Yes 1″ 30″
TI-6AL UNS R56400 Yes No 1″ 30″


Seamless Stainless Steel

Emerald Metals provides seamless stainless steel pipe and tube manufactured by CSSC. Common 300 series grades such as 304, 316, 316L are being manufactured every day but all stainless steel grades are available in the follow size range (click image to view larger):