Profiled Extruded Tubes (PET) Introduction

Profiled Extruded Tubes (PET) and Integral Finned Tubes (IET) Introduction:

XinXing Special Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., produces seamless precision profiled tubes to exacting client specifications in a variety of grades and executions.

  • Multiple designs are possible with varying extrusion profiles made to order.
  • In house CAD-CAM design assistance.
  • Rapid prototyping and accelerated delivery programs.
  • Proof of concept to full commercial production in a short time window.
  • Full vertical integration from ladle to finished packaging.
Profiled Extruded Tube Cross Section

PET Cross Section


Integral Finned Tubes (IFT) are also produced by XinXing Special Steel Pipes Co., Ltd.

  • Integral finned tubes in 2205 and 2507 Duplex Grades
  • Finned boiler tubes in SA210 Grade
  • Full range of low alloy, carbon, chrome and nickel materials available.
  • Custom OF Fin designed.
  • Profiled ID channels.
  • Extended lengths beyond 12 meters available.
  • Nominal OD’s 88.9mm (3.50”) – 317.5mm (12.50”)
Profiled Extruded Tube Length

Rough Machined Profiled Extruded Tube


Design, Production & Testing of Profiled Extruded Tubes and Integral Finned Tubes:

  • Smelting + Casting + Forging + Machining at one production facility.
  • Hot Extrusion + Heat Treatment + Straightening + Cutting +Machining in one finishing facility.
  • Economical minimum tonnage possibilities.
  • Expedited delivery program.3
  • QA Credentials: ISO 9001-14001-28001, 29001; API 5CT, 5DP, 5LD, 5L, Q1
  • Lloyds and DNV certified.
Profiled Extruded Tube Ring

Profiled Extruded Tube Ring

               Customized profiles to client specifications are readily available. XinXing’s design team can assist in the design for the most demanding industrial usage requirements.  Drawing review will provide a timely “go no-go” manufacturing possibility matrix. Also included will be length options, quantity requirements and grade options in a short time span.   (Drawing below courtesy of Chery Automobile company)

Profiled Extruded Tube Drawing

Tubes Made to Customer Drawings – Material Grade 410