Vacuum Insulted Tubing (VIT)

Made to exacting standards in both China and Canada, our line of Vacuum Insulated Tubes provide the heavy oil sector a cost effective assist to steam injection enhanced production activities. Available in multiple size and grade combinations, VIT tubes provide an alternative to other more expensive tertiary recovery methods.

  • VIT dramatically reduces heat flow from the inner surface of the inner tube to the outer surface of the outer tube.
  • VIT is designed to address all three methods of heat transfer: radiation,conduction and convection.
  • VIT is composed of outer pipe, inner pipe, insulation, coupling, seal ring and insulated liner. The insulation applies multilayer aluminum foil and glass fiber.
  • VIT Getter: Long-life vacuum integrity ensured through the use of getters inside the vacuum. It is a metal alloy, which absorbs molecular gases, primarily hydrogen.
  • VIT is composed of an outer threaded tube, with an inner tube welded inside.
  • VIT annulus space vacuum in known as “super insulated technology” by many countries all over the world.

The VIT Advantage


  • SOR – Steam to Oil ratio
  • Steam rate, energy costs, and operating temperature
  • Heat stress on casing and deformation
  • Circulation period for production
  • Greenhouse emissions
  • Casing diameter and need for premium connections in certain applications
  • Workouts to remove blockage wax (paraffin)


  • Steam control at the toe of well and heat loss to surroundings
  • Protection for cementing

ROI and ROE is tangible and positive


VIT Technical Parameters

Grades: J/K55, L80, 80SS, P110, IRP, D10

Range: 2 or 3

Threading: Inner tube and outer tube threading

Connections: Semi-premium and premium available

Normal operating temperature: 350 Celsius

Conductivity (k) of inner pipe: 0.002 – 0.08 W/m*C

Custom manufacturing

Vacuum Insulated Tubing

Specification: All Pipe API 5CT
Outer Pipe ODxWT (mm) Inner Pipe ODxWT (mm) Coupling OD (mm) Cementing Center (in)
88.9 x 6.45 60.3 x 4.83 108 5
114.3 x 6.88 73.02 x 5.51 132 7
114.3 x 6.88 88.9 x 6.45 132 7
127.0 x 9.19 88.9 x 6.45 141.3 9 5/8
139.7 x 7.72 114.3 x 6.35 154  
177.8 x 9.19 139.7 x 7.72 154  


Insulation Grades Available
Grade/Conductivity A B C D E
K=Watt/Meter x C 0.06 – 0.08 0.04 – 0.06 0.02 – 0.04 0.006 – 0.02 0.002 – 0.006